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Ratatouille meets Shakshuka


Ratatouille meets Shakshuka

Recipe by Seasons Wild & Free
Ratatouille meets Shakshuka

Kentish Oils Lemon rapeseed oil
Chick peas
Toasted almonds
North African spices
1 Egg

Heat up a good slug (1-2 tbs) of oil in a heavy bottomed pan. In the meantime, chop 4 medium tomatoes, an aubergine, a courgette and a pepper into chunks. Note, I have left out onions since I want this recipe to be quick, therefore the garlic oil is a brilliant alternative. Do not use onions unless you have more than 30 minutes to cook. Fry off your tomatoes until they start to break down. You could use homemade tomato sauce as your base but no shop bought jars. They will detract from it. Once breaking down, add the rest of the veg. and let it catch and brown to add depth of flavour. Once coloured a little, add some spice. I used a heaped tsp of smoked paprika for a middle eastern finish but cumin and fennel work well too. Stir through and add another slug (1Tbs) of garlic and herb oil and leave to bubble with a lid on for 10 mins. Until the veg is soft. Two minutes before the end, fry an egg and serve on top with soft herbs, chilli and sea salt.

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