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Kentish Pesto


Kentish Pesto

Recipe by Harry Fields
Kentish Pesto

70g wild garlic leaves
60g flat leaf parsley
50g strong Kentish Cheddar
100g Kentish Oils Original Rapeseed Oil
60g mixed nuts such as cobnuts, walnuts and pine nuts
2g flaky salt
2g cracked black pepper

1. Toast nuts in a frying pan and roughly crush
2. Grate the Cheddar
3. Wash garlic and parsley, then roughly chop
4. Pulse everything in a blender with the Kentish Oils original rapeseed oil to create a crunchy textured pesto

Harry Fields is a Kent based chef & co-creator of “Two Broke Chefs”.  Working with local producers & ingredients to create seasonally inspired dishes is at the heart of his ethos.